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How to Find Your Place in the Sun- sooner than you think!

How to fund early retirement abroad

How to fund early retirement abroad

When you’re driving to work through the drizzle on a gloomy Monday morning, the urge to just hand in your notice and find out how to retire early can be overwhelming. The target of expat living in the sunshine is so enticing -yet as far away as ever. How frustrating!

Then reality sets in and, once again, you go over those never-ending calculations of how many more months or years you have to suffer before you can afford to leave your job and get started with your dream of expat living in the sunshine.

So you have traded the dream for what you believe to be the sensible approach, grit your teeth and head into that job you can’t wait to leave and keep your nose to the grindstone to keep squirreling away some more savings to fund your retirement lifestyle. ┬áBut it doesn’t need to be like that!


Unless you have been hiding under a stone for the last 15 to 20 years, you can’t fail to have noticed the impact of the Internet on the jobs market.

You may have interpreted that phenomenon as negative -and hold the belief that it’s impossible for you to find work in your dream destination because jobs a re hard to come by and economic recession has hit local employment -so what chance do you have if you don’t speak the language -and you’re over a certain age. Let me tell you, the Internet has introduced the most incredible field of opportunity for anyone wishing to take early retirement and set up their own business in the sun. Work is no longer restricted by geographical location, and your age is completely irrelevant.

There has never been so many possibilities for expats to set up their dream business in any location they choose. Add to that the fact that so many are slow to take advantages of the changes and a thirsty market for information online, and it’s patently obvious that working for yourself is the way to go. Language is no longer a hurdle -you can market internationally, safe in the knowledge that English is by far the dominant language on the Web.

In addition, it’s not necessary to look for what work is available for expats, such as trawling the Expat Jobs in the newspapers, such as The Telegraph.

The biggest advantage is that you no longer need to be tied to a job you hate or simply tolerate to make money. You are free to start building your online business immediately -start now, get visitors within the month -and -voila!- have laptop, can travel!

There’s no longer any conflict of expat living versus slogging away hard in the rain! It’s not a choice of either/or. You are free to have both the expat lifestyle and your own flexible business model to suit your plans. If you are looking for a way to get started, don’t worry-it doesn’t take years! In fact you can start your path today and find out exactly how to retire early abroad by downloading the free Expat Income Blueprint and have your passion-centred business up and running, with real customers looking for you in a matter of weeks.

How to retire early and fund your expat lifestyle abroad

How to retire early and fund your expat lifestyle abroad

So what’s your excuse? Staying stuck in the rain is actually no longer the sensible or realistic option. Your new expat lifestyle is waiting for you, and retiring early is not the only option. It’s time to take your life by the horns and start creating work you really love that fits exactly with your ideal of expat living anywhere in the world.