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At Expat Living by Design, we have chosen the route of many wishing to escape the rat race and the colder climes to escape to the sunny shore of the Mediterranean!

This also seemed like a shrewd move in the 1990s and early 2000s, when house prices were rising, prices were still low and interest rates were healthy. But somewhere around 2007- when the economic crisis hit and the property bubble burst – all this came to an abrupt end when the bottom fell out of the housing market and interest rates collapsed. For many of us who had anticipated a comfortable income from savings and had invested in French or Spanish property, the situation left us to face huge losses and the prospect of having too much life at the end of our savings!

What alternatives were available to us? Sell the house at a rock bottom price and limp back to the UK much poorer?

Find a job? This had been the natural choice to fund our retirement before, but with millions of native teenagers and young adults now unemployed, the opportunities for middle-aged Expats with a shaky command of the language were fairly thin on the ground -OK, let’s be honest: non-existent!

Fortunately there was a third alternative – to create our own work-and this website is the result of our findings along the way. It exposes the myth that getting a job is the only option -in fact, it seeks to demonstrate that it’s actually a poor choice, and leaves you at the whim of changing market conditions and employers’ fortunes.

Choosing our own working life to match our inherent skills was the natural choice for humans throughout history-and only the upside -down – and blatantly unequal- circumstances of the Industrial Revolution hid that knowledge from plain view for a couple of centuries.

So let’s get back to the reality of how to earn money and discover how powerful we humans are when we make the decision to set up business in line with the abilities we each own.

Our journey has taken us from work slave to master only because of economic circumstances we couldn’t predict.

I urge you to discover the reality for yourself whether you are at crisis point or still choosing how to work.

Our express wish is for you to realise that no low-paid job under a boss can ever compensate you as well or as enjoyably as being master of your own life and work -and creator of your own income.

We would love to hear from you and your comments and feedback are always welcome.

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