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Are You in a Job You HATE?

Even if your work is well-paid and you are really good at what you do, when you spend Monday to Friday watching the clock and waiting for the weekend it’s a sure sign you are not following the career you were born to do!

You may tell yourself that the position is secure, convenient, prestigious or whatever, but every moment you deny your passion and your true purpose in life, you are destroying yourself.

If you are living in dread of Monday morning, you owe it to yourself – and your friends and family- to stop making excuses to stay stuck. Your ego is pretty clever at avoiding change, and it will convince you to follow the easy route of least effort-i.e. staying where you are.

Your ego might tell you that it’s too late – you are committed to this route and it would take too much effort to build up another career from scratch. This is a lie because you would build up a career many times faster doing something that you are truly passionate about – and when you love what you do it’s not really work anymore! Remember, too, that building a business based on your talents, interests and passions is a strategy to support you for the rest of your life.

Or your ego might say that you have to stay put to keep up with your mortgage repayments or to guarantee the best pension return. This is a high-risk strategy and it is never prudent to put your faith in an investment to support you. You hear so many reports of company pensions disappearing, rule changes for when you can claim your pension and interest rates plummeting so that the return forecast drops so far and makes the pension virtually worthless. Then you have to go out and look for work -any work! -in your sixties or seventies!

Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 60 years old, life is too precious to waste waiting for retirement. Is hanging around waiting to die the best example to set for your children or grandchildren? Is that your gift to them?

Wake up to the realization that you are wishing your life away and losing out on the career of your dreams – which you have the ability to launch and step into, so that you start looking forward to Mondays again!

I Hate My Job -so does Everyone!

Let go of the false assumption that everyone hates their job. It is simply not true and thinking like that does not serve you.

Beware of negative energy and de-motivating self-talk. Every time you say “I hate my job.” , even if it is only to yourself, reinforces your pain and, effectively, asks the universe to give you more ‘hating your job’. So change the statement from I hate my job to ‘How can I get out of this job and into my dream career?

The smart approach is to discover the fact that your thoughts create your reality (if you don’t believe me, read Pam Grout’s book “e squared”; it’s available on Amazon.)


When you are empowered with this knowledge, the next logical step is to design to work and career you want – your dream job!




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